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Soft play is an experience in which children can play and explore in a fun and safe environment.

All equipment are made of soft materials; think foam and inflatables.

Soft play will stimulate your little ones’ senses and provide hours of active entertainment.

Ideal for crawlers, toddlers, and kiddos up to 5 years old.

What is soft play?


  • Our soft play sets, ball pits, and bouce house's neutral base colors pair perfectly with any décor. Say hello to the most Insta-worthy photos!

  • Your littles' safety is our top priority. We clean and sanitize all equipment at drop-off and pick-up. We even have a commercial ball cleaning machine specifically made to clean the ball pit balls! Read more about 

  • We bring the fun to you! We’ll set up in your home, your backyard, or any event space you desire. So imagine mingling with your friends in the backyard while the kids are entertaining themselves in the play area. Or engaging in conversations with other adults at a wedding reception without the constant tugging and pulling from your toddler asking to go home since they’ll be too busy exerting all their energy in the ball pool. Doesn't that sound amazing?

  • We have the largest seam-free mobile ball pit in Kansas City! Need we say more?

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